Financing Process


Detailed evaluation for the appropriate financing structure

In addition to information regarding investors’ financial strength and activities, the following information on the acquisition target will be requested.

  • Audited financial statements
  • Financial, legal, environmental, insurance, technical and market due dilligence reports prepared by independent consulting and audit firms
  • Appraisal reports of real estate owned by the company
  • Anticipated capital expenditures
  • Future cash flow projections of the target company including details of underlying assumptions
  • Current status of the project and legal framework (required permits, documents)
  • Other additional information on a project basis


Following pre-evaluation to determine the suitable financing structure, including capital contribution, term of loan and security package, the results are conveyed to the parties. After an agreement is reached, the credit procedures are completed, the loan agreement is prepared and financing is realized.

Repayment of acquisition loans should be primarily based on revenues generated through the commercial activities of the target company. Accordingly, realization of the merger between the target company and the acquirer immediately following the completion of the acquisition transaction is preferred.

Best financing solutions for your projectsBest financing solutions for your projects

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