Acquisition Financing


Tailor-made Financing structures for investors

Our Acquisition Financing Team provides long-term loans to strategic and financial investors for acquisition transactions. We offer financing packages, which are structured based on the requirements of the transaction, and which can include refinancing, capex and/or working capital facilities. Thus, we make a significant contribution to the sustainable growth of companies.
We have close relations with many strategic investors and private equity funds. Our ability to provide globally accepted structures, together with our approach to foreign investors, bring us significant advantages. Foreign investors shape their investments in Turkey based on our opinions.
We are also active in privatizations to which private equity funds and strategic investors participate. We have provided a significant amount of financing in all large privatization projects carried out to date.
The total financing amount, provided by our acquisition financing team, has grown by 10% per annum between 2007 and 2013 and has reached 3.8 billion dollars.


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