Factoring, for seamless cash flow...


With factoring, you can ensure seamless cash flow and perform your company operations without any interruptions. Garanti Factoring offers alternative solutions for your needs that arise with the increase in your workload.

  • SME Factoring

When you apply to Garanti Factoring with the invoice you have issued and the check you have received for your sale, Garanti Factoring takes over your receivables and provide financing in return.

  • Supplier Financing

By taking advantage of the credit-worthiness of the buyers to which you sell your goods or services, you can obtain financing at suitable rates and regularize your cash flow.

  • Export Financing

Cash against goods export is risky. By taking advantage of Garanti BBVA's widespread network of correspondents, you can protect yourself against nonpayment or bankruptcy of the buyer.

  • Import Factoring

Import Factoring is a different financing method than the traditional financing methods. With import factoring, while your exporter is paid cash up front, you have the opportunity to make payments on the terms that best suit your needs. Furthermore, you can also minimize the duty and tax costs.

To take advantage of our Factoring service, you can call (212) 444 1213.

  • Features and Benefits

    • With factoring, you can turn your receivables into cash before their due dates and increase your working capital.
    • You can obtain seamless cash flow for your company and respond to your buyers' needs on time.
    • By offering the buyers additional terms, you can increase your competitive strength in the market.
    • If you engage in cash against goods exporting, you can access accurate information about your buyers by taking advantage of a widespread network of correspondents.
    • By assigning your company's receivables to Garanti Factoring, you can shift them outside the balance sheet. Thus, you can increase the liquidity of your balance sheet and improve your ratios.
    • Your collections are made by Garanti factoring, so that you can concentrate on your business.

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