Import Transactions


Perform your import transactions via Internet Banking and save on time.

By using Internet Banking, you can easily perform your company’s import transactions from anywhere, anytime. Through Internet Banking, you can reach the tracking information of your documents, view customs declaration details and follow up-to-date information regarding all your transactions including letters of credit. For your import transactions, you can use the Foreign Trade menu.

You can get your Internet Banking PIN from the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.


  • You can instantly reach letter of credit opening and change messages.
  • You can view the transfer details and messages anytime you want, reach information regarding the exchange commitment accounts for transfers that you’ve made.
  • You can get timely information regarding the payments for imports on credit.
  • You can display the SWIFT messages of your import-related transfers and print them out.
  • You can pick up the letters addressed to the Customs in regards to your transfers from our nearest branch.
  • You can have instant access to Customs declarations used to close the exchange commitment accounts for import transactions conducted through our bank.
  • You can have online access to up-to-date information regarding documents received for collection.


Reference Tracking

  • Reference details
  • Document list
  • Transfer list
  • Customs declarations list
  • Documentation list

Document Tracking

  • Document details
  • Reference Details
  • Transfer list

Transfer Tracking

  • Transfer details
  • Reference details
  • Document details
  • Customs declarations list
  • SWIFT messages

Documentation Tracking

You can access all relevant documentation by specifying any of your reference numbers. You can also view the documentation for the references you want by specifying the documentation type or the date information.


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