Equity Transactions

Wherever you are with Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, the stock market is there.

You can use Garanti BBVA Internet Banking for all your equity transactions and easily perform the transaction that you want. Make your investments yourself and don't miss out on earnings opportunities.

To instantly perform your equity transactions by taking advantage of low commission rates and all these transaction features, all you have to do is to visit the nearest Garanti BBVA branch and open a free Equity Escrow Account.

You can also reach all the Equity transaction features on Internet Banking through 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center.

Equity transactions that you can perform through Internet Banking:

ISE Real-Time Index:

With the www.paragaranti.com Maxi ISE Real-Time Index, you can follow the markets in real-time.

Buy/Sell Shares:

You can display your Garanti BBVA investment accounts and perform your transactions through the account that you wish.

Buy/Sell, 40 Session Order and Chain Order:

We have removed the blockage sequence that may be changed each time you place an order. From now on, you can make definition and sequence changes through the Blocking Sequence step.

Blocking Sequence:

We have increased the number of products that you can include in the Blockage Sequence. From now on, you can also have different products blocked. You can have your TL Current, Foreign Currency Current, Repo, Type B Money Market Fund, Type B Flexi Balanced Fund, Type B Fixed Income Fund, GRM Type B Balanced Equity Fund, GRM Type B Fixed Income Fund, Selling Limit, Government Bond, T-Bill, FX Government Bond and Eurobond investments blocked during your transaction.

My Orders:

Through My Orders step, you can list your daily orders and perform the following transactions.

  • Order Query: You can display your orders by the starting date, ending date, order status, order transaction type, order stock code and order type.
  • Cancel Order: You can cancel your orders that haven't been executed.
  • Correct Order: Before the order you have placed is executed, you can make corrections about the quantity, price and the session that you want your order to stay in effect.
  • Improve Order: You can improve the prices of the order you have placed.
  • Split Order: By lowering the parts of the split order and lowering the quantity of the main order, you can split your main order into smaller parts.
  • Details of Executed Orders: You can view the execution details of the finalized orders.
  • Display Chain Orders: Through this step, you can view the chain orders linked to the a certain order.
  • Display Blocked Products: Through this step, you can display the products blocked for the orders that you have selected.
  • Track Status: Through this step, you can reach the date, time, transaction, price, quantity and status information of your order.

Investment Account:

Through this step, you can display your investment accounts to be used in equity transactions and perform the following transactions.

  • Balance Summary: You can reach the balance and blockage information of the investment account that you want to view.
  • Stock Movements: You can view the movements of stocks that exist in your selected investment account and stocks that were previously traded through this account.
  • Blockage Sequence: You can specify the investment products that will be used in your equity transactions and the blockage sequence of these products.
  • Blockage Activities: You can display the blockages and the status regarding the equity transactions performed with a selected date interval.
  • Blockage Accounts: You can define and view 1 current account and 2 foreign currency accounts that you can link to your investment account.
  • Statement Delivery Address: You can determine whether or not you want a printed equity statement.
  • Agreement Delivery: If there are incomplete parts in your investment account agreements, you can request them to be delivered to your address for you to be able to perform equity transactions.

Share Purchase Loan:

By using share purchase loan, you can perform the following transactions.

  • Loan Application: Through this step, you can buy stocks even when there is no money in your account. By applying via Internet Banking, you can take out a share purchase loan for up to 35% of the ISE 100 stocks you have in your portfolio (Up to TL 100.000). If you repay the loan within the same day, you don't pay any interest.
  • Limit Increase: Through this step, you can request to increase your existing limit up to TL 100.000.
  • Application and Loan Status: Through this step, you can track or cancel the Share Purchase Loan that you have applied for. You can display the result of your application promptly after you make your application.

You can submit your Share Purchase Loan application through the Equities menu, Share Purchase Loan step, or the Applications menu, Share Purchase Loan step on Internet Banking.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

You can submit your IPO requests through the IPO step.

Display Commissions

Through this step, you can view the details of the commissions paid in your Equity transactions.

  • Select Commission Model: Through this step, you can select the commission model that you want to use in your equity transactions. If you use Internet Banking for your transactions, you can benefit from advantageous commission rates determined according to your average trading volume in the last 3 months.
  • Commission Model Details: Through this step, you can view the payment details of your commission rate linked to your trading volume and the possible commission interval that you may pay in the next period.
  • Display Commissions: Through this step, you can view the commission payments that you have made in a selected date interval.
  • Commission Models

    You can select the fixed, gradual or the trading volume-based model from among the Commission Models Garanti BBVA offers and quickly perform your stock transactions with the model you have selected.

    What's more, you earn transaction points on stock transactions that you perform via Internet Banking! Whichever commission model you choose, you can earn 10% of the commission you have paid as transaction points and use your points towards performing free stock transactions. The transaction points you earn are divided into 3 months and build up in the transaction points pool. The transaction points that you don't use are transferred to the following month.

    1-) Fixed Commission Model:

    With this model, you pay commissions at a specified fixed rate over your trading volume in a period that you select.
    The fixed commission rate on Internet Banking is 0,179%.

    2-) Gradual Commission Model:

    With this model, commission intervals are determined for a specified period. As your trading volume in this period increases, your commission rate decreases in line with the commission intervals.

    3-) Trading Volume-Based Commission Model:

    With this model, you can take advantage of a favorable commission rate determined according to your average trading volume in the last 3 months.

    *For executed orders, a 5% BSMV is charged over the commission paid.

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