Private Banking Products and Services


Personalized investment alternatives exclusive to you, from Garanti BBVA Private Banking

Here, you can view some of Garanti BBVA Private Banking’s innovative and personalized services. And when you choose Garanti BBVA Private Banking expertise, we can create the investment plan that best suits your risk profile and expectations together.


  • All kinds of standard banking, safety deposit box and counter services that provide solutions for your needs and turn your savings into investments.
  • Masters Financial Planning Service that enables you to find the investment plan that suits you the best.
  • The most effective conduct of investment services such as repo transactions, fixed income securities and domestic equities trading with the most competitive prices.
  • Sophisticated investment products that will provide you with the opportunity to invest your savings in foreign currency securities and various derivative products.
  • Personalized and mile accumulating credit cards that will brighten up your life.
  • Masters Funds, designed to suit your risk profile, that are dynamically managed by professional teams and aim to generate the maximum return based on risk groups.
  • Masters Structured Deposit Products and Option Strategies that offer guaranteed principal for your TL and foreign currency savings and the opportunity to obtain returns from the changes in the financial markets.

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Exclusive and privilaged services for youExclusive and privilaged services for you