Garanti BBVA Private Banking


Expertise that adds to your strength

Garanti BBVA Private Banking services are for those who expect exclusive and privileged services from their bank. Innovative, productive, transparent, open to improvement and expert. With Garanti BBVA Private Banking, you too can experience the difference of working with a bank exclusive to you.

  • With private banking services exclusive to you, we manage your savings by taking your financial goals, income and expenditures into account.
  • Our private customer relationship managers continuously review your investment strategies in light of the changing data, each serving only a limited number of clients.
  • With innovative and personalized investment products and services, in addition to all kinds of banking services, we enable you to make investment decisions that best suit your risk profile and expectations.
  • With service notion based on mutual trust; we establish a long term  relationship with you, accentuating confidentiality.
  • Comfortable and modern private banking branches are exclusive to Garanti BBVA Private Banking members.
  • You take advantage of countless privileges, such as Garanti BBVA’s superior technology and  knowledge, that will make your daily life easier.

 Masters Values

  • Transparency
  • Productivity
  • Knowledge Level – Know How
  • Openness to improvement
  • Innovation

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Exclusive and privilaged services for youExclusive and privilaged services for you