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Activities that bring clients together in common areas of interest

Garanti BBVA Private Banking entertained its customers at the first retrospective exhibition of Yüksel Arslan on November 23th 2009.

Held at santralistanbul in September with the main sponsorship of Garanti BBVA, the exhibition presents over five hundred of the artist’s works compiled from collections around the world and Turkey, along with supporting texts, photographs and records . After the exhibition tour, together with the curator Levent Yılmaz, participants had an opportunity to enyoj the dinner held at the "Control Room".

Garanti BBVA Private Banking has orginanized an exclusive exhibition tour to Sarkis’s, one of the most important actors on the contemporary art scene today, "Site" exhibition, on November 18th 2009 at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Pointing to all the stages that the artist’s career has gone through in the course of half a century, the exhibition was curated by Levent Çalıkoğlu with the sponsorship of Garanti BBVA. After the exhibition tour, Garanti BBVA Private Banking Private Banking has brought its costumers together with a cocktail reception in the museum.

Porsche Panamera Test Drive

Garanti BBVA Private Banking Private Banking was one of the sponsors of Porsche Panamera Test Drive event which was held at İstanbul Park on November 15-16. Garanti BBVA Private Banking Private Banking costumers had the opportunity to experience all privileges of the company’s first 4-door-sedan at one of the most favorite pist of Formula One.

"There is Light at the End of the Tunnel..." Conference

On November 3, 2009 our conference entitled "There is Light at the End of the Tunnel" with the renowned Swiss investment advisor and entrepreneur Dr. Marc Faber was held at the Swissotel, Istanbul.
At the conference Dr. Faber gave a presentation with the subject "Could expansionary monetary policies and large deficits lead to high inflation rates?".

The conference was launched with an opening speech by Garanti BBVA’s Executive Vice President Mr. Ali Fuat Erbil. Afterwards Dr. Faber’s shared his views on global economies’ and financial market’s outlook with the audience. There was also a lively Q&A session after the presentation.
Faber recommended to buy gold and commodities in order to limit the damages of the crisis. He underlined the attractiveness of real estate and financial sectors in emerging countries as an investment alternative. Faber added that, since he doesn’t foresee an improvement in global economies, the easy money policies create an opportunity to buy stocks at retreats and recommended to buy Turkish stocks. In the long term, Faber expects Asian currencies to appreciate, Asian economies to continue growing and and thanks to the demand from these countries especially prices of iron ore, copper, natural gas, uranium, coal and crude oil to continue rising.

Garanti BBVA Private Banking’ Support for Equestrian Sports...

With the belief that the discipline and aesthetics inherent in equestrian sports coincide perfectly with its service notion, Garanti BBVA Private Banking has been undertaking sponsorships of various equestrian competitions and events since 2005. Additionally, the organization is the official sponsor of the Turkish Equestrian Federation since 2008.
Garanti BBVA Private Banking Private Banking has been working in harmony with the Turkish Equestrian Federation to promote equestrian sports among the young generation and to help it reach the international level of success and spectator potential it deserves. Serving as the sponsor of the Republic Cup since 2005 and the Atatürk Cup, the most prestigious competition of the equestrian sports, since 2007, Garanti BBVA Private Banking is also providing support for all the National Riding Teams.

News from the competitions...

The Junior National Riding Team has participated in the European Juniors and Young Riders Championship, held in Holland on July 1st 5th, 2009. Our riders Derin Demirsoy and Çağrı Başel have advanced to the finals in the Juniors and Young Riders categories respectively.
The U16 National Team, comprised of 5 riders, has represented our nation in the European Championship, held in Belgium on July 23rd 26th, 2009. Ranking 4th, Turkey has achieved significant success in the championship.
Additionally, within the scope of the National Team activities the following competitions will be held: The Balkan Dressage Championship in Bulgaria on August 22nd - 23rd 2009, the European Masters Championship in England on August, 25th - 30th 2009 and the Balkan Jumping Championship in Greece on 5th-6th 2009.
The 44th Atatürk Cup for which Garanti BBVA Private Banking has been serving as the sponsor for the last 3 years will be held on August 22nd - 23rd 2009 at the Maslak Equestrian Facilities. Additionally, Garanti BBVA Private Banking Private Banking undertook sponsorship for the first time in the 36th Balkan Jumping Championship, which was held at SIEC on September 11th - 13rd this year. Turkish team achieved 2nd place in the Senior Team competition and the 3rd place in the Young Riders competition.

Garanti BBVA Private Banking entertained its guests at the world renowned blues guitarist and vocalist Ana Popovic’s concert on Friday, June 5th.

At a special performance for Garanti BBVA Private Banking customers, Ana Popovic stirred up the audience with lively songs from her latest album "Still Making History" and her upcoming album "Blind For Love".

As Garanti BBVA Private Banking’s guest, successful jazz vocalist Viktoria Tolstoy gave a concert at the Istanbul Jazz Center on May 22nd 2009.

The great-great-granddaughter of the famous Russian writer Lev Tolstoy, Viktoria Tolstoy  delivered a special performance for Garanti BBVA Private Banking Private Banking customers, performing songs from her latest album "My Russian Soul".

"Towards a New Financial System: Shifting Balances and Potential Scenarios" Conference

Our conference entitled "Towards a New Financial System: Shifting Balances and Potential Scenarios" was held at the Çırağan Palace on April 17th 2009 with contributions of the International Institute Of Finance (IIF).
The Institute of International Finance, established in 1983, is the world’s only global association of financial institutions. Having extensive knowledge of global markets and emerging countries, experts from IIF and JP Morgan have shared their views on the change in the global financial system.

At the conference, launched with opening speeches by Garanti BBVA’s CEO Ergun Özen and the CEO and a Member of the Board of IIF Charles Dallara, IIF’s Director of Global Macroeconomic Analysis Philip Suttle, IIF’s Director of Capital Markets Hung Tran, and JP Morgan’s Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa Global Commodities Research Michael Jansen have delivered speeches.

"Garanti BBVA Private Banking" customers met with Erin Brockovich

Garanti BBVA Private Banking has brought its customers together with Erin Brockovich who has won the case  involving the largest lawsuit payout in American history. Attending the lunch, held at Les Ottomans Hotel on Tuesday, February 3rd,  together with her spouse, Erin Brockovich, stating that she is very happy to be in Turkey, said "If you listen to your heart and instincts, stay away from daily concerns, lend a helping hand to people and work for their well-being, you will find the truth." Brockovich has also stated that she has learned from her failures the most. Telling her life story and her environmental battle, Brockovich has emphasized the necessity to fight together and to hold up against challenges. Brockovich who has been delivering motivational speeches around the world said "You can do it too. One person cannot change anything. But if you come together, no one can stand before you."
Brockovich has explained to the participants, mainly consisting of members of the business world and media, the process of the lawsuit which she has fought and won. She said that despite everything she had been through she has never lost hope and emphasized her commitment to life and determination. Stating that she has been trying to improve herself in every area, Brockovich said that it is not an attribute that one is born with, but an attribute that is acquired afterwards.

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Activities that bring clients in common areas of interestActivities that bring clients in common areas of interest