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Activities that bring clients together in common areas of interest

The "Integrity" Presentation by Stefano D’Anna

The author of the best selling book "The School of Gods" Prof. Stefano D’Anna met with Garanti BBVA Private Banking’s guests for his "Integrity" speech, covering the questions "How to become an immortal company", and "Why do the companies on Fortune 500 have an average life span of 40 years, and the companies in Europe have an average life span of 12 years? Prof. D’Anna is a pragmatic dreamer, a philosopher of action, a scientist, an entrepreneur, an educator and a businessman. Also being an economist, a sociologist and an author, D’Anna has been serving as the president of the European School of Economics since 1989, and along with 3 campuses in Italy, has been heading overseas schools and institutions located in New York, London and Houston. He is renowned for his books "Portable Paradise", published in 1989 and "Berlusconi in Concert", published in 1994.

TurkDex Seminars

The conference entitled "Future Management with the Futures and Options Exchange", organized by Garanti BBVA Private Banking Private Banking with participation of Tolga Uysal, Head of Training and Public Relations of the Turkish Derivatives Exchange, was held in Istanbul on October 31st, 2007. Attending the conference, Garanti BBVA Private Banking customers have obtained information from Tolga Uysal about the scope of derivatives contracts and watched an extensive presentation on new trends.

The Republic Cup

Following the 42nd Atatürk Cup, Garanti BBVA Private Banking, once again proving the importance it places on equestrian sports, has undertaken the main sponsorship of the Republic Cup, organized on October 26th-29th, 2007. The organization, attended by Garanti BBVA Private Banking guests, famous names from the equestrian community and the members of the media, was livened up by the anniversary celebrations of the Republic and concluded with the Garanti BBVA Private Banking Cup, held on October 29th.

Atatürk Cup

Organized annually by the Turkish Equestrian Federation since 1966, Turkey’s most prestigious riding competition the 42nd Atatürk Cup was carried out under the sponsorship of Garanti BBVA Private Banking.

The competitions started with the TSYD Cup in U16 category on September 8th 2007 at Istanbul Maslak Riding facilities and continued with the İnönü Cup in the U18 category. Closely contended competitions were concluded on September 9th in the masters category with the Atatürk Cup, the only night-time competition in Turkey.

The 42nd Atatürk Cup, reflecting Garanti BBVA Private Banking’s efforts in promoting the equestrian sports, was watched by the equestrian community, Garanti BBVA Private Banking guests and the members of the media with great admiration and excitement.

İstanbul Horse Show

As one of the events on the calender of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI), Istanbul Horse Show, the biggest riding and jumping competition in Turkey, was held in 2007 under the sponsorship of Garanti BBVA Private Banking, with participation of master equestrians from 5 continents. Istanbul Horse Show, held at Kemer Golf & Country Club, was followed by thousands including delegates from foreign federations, the members of the foreign media and Garanti BBVA Private Banking guests. The 4-day competition, held on July 5th-8th, was concluded with Garanti BBVA Private Banking Grand Prix, a competition of great importance as a 4-star event that carries forward to the World Cup and featuring 150 cm hurdles.

İstanbul Cup Tenis Tournament

As one of the most important international sports organizations hosted by Turkey and putting Turkey among the leading nations in tennis, The Istanbul Cup Tennis Tournament, with participation of top ranking players such as Maria Sharapova, Elena Dementieva, Venus Williams and Patty Schnyder, was held on May 19th-26th 2007 under the main sponsorship of Garanti BBVA Private Banking.

As Garanti BBVA Private Banking, while contributing to Turkey’s promotion and supporting Turkey in becoming a center for tennis tournaments, we have also created an occasion for our customers to enjoy.

Dr. Marc Faber - "Expectations and Possible Threats in the Global Economy" Conference

Renowned investment expert Dr. Marc Faber was in Istanbul as our guest. Bringing together the Turkish financial and economics community, the conference, also attended by the CFA Institute CEO and country heads, Garanti BBVA Private Banking customers, businessmen, senior managers and the members of the economic media had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Faber’s views on Turkish and global markets.

The Swiss investment expert, renowned for warning his clients about the collapse of the markets before the infamous "Black Monday" of 1987 and his foresights about the Japanese bull market in 1990 and the 1997-1998 Asian Crisis, is considered an investment guru in the financial world.

Dr. Faber, by providing tips about the financial markets, points out extraordinary investment opportunities. With his "Contrarian" investment views, colorful personality, extensive knowledge about global markets and economic history, and his presentations enriched with current examples, Dr. Faber is a speaker in high demand at investment seminars.

John Barrass - "Corporate Governance and Ethics" Conference

With awareness of the importance of corporate governance and ethics in the financial markets, we have brought together the members of the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, TUSIAD and the Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey with John Barrass on March 16th, 2007.

John Barrass is the head of Europe, Middle East and Africa CFA Centre for Financial Integrity, affiliated with the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) Institute that has been carrying out activities towards determining and promoting ethical and professional standards in the financial markets. John Barrass also serves as the Secretary General of the Forum of European Securities Commissions (FESCO).

Osman Müftüoğlu - "Road Map to Quality Living"

We have brought together Garanti BBVA Private Banking customers with Osman Müftüoğlu who has been promoting the importance of healthy living in Turkey, at seminars held in Istanbul and Ankara. Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu has shared his tips about the art of quality and happy living.


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Activities that bring clients in common areas of interestActivities that bring clients in common areas of interest