Withdraw your pension income from Garanti BBVA.


If you have retired through the SSK, Bağkur or the Retirement Fund system, you can withdraw you pension income from Paramatiks and our branches. By coming to one of our branches along with your T.C. identity number and pension registry or entitlement number and logging on to or through the SGK Provincial Directorates, you can carry out a bank change transaction and start withdrawing your pension income from Garanti BBVA's widespread ATMs and branches throughout Turkey.

  • Features and Benefits
    • If you wish to make investments and build up savings, you can open a TL Time Deposit Account at Garanti BBVA and get millionaire’s interest* for your TL or foreign currency deposits.
    • Garanti BBVA offers all retirees loan opportunities with special discounted interest rates. What’s more, for government retirees who receive quarterly pension income, there is a loan option with quarterly installment payments.**
    • If you get a Flexi Card with the exclusive retiree package, you can earn extra bonus on your supermarket purchases. What’s more, if you make a commitment to spend TL 250 a month, you don’t pay the annual card fee.
    • By using your Overdraft Account limit, you can withdraw money, make your payments and ensure that your automatic payments are made without waiting for your pension income to be deposited. Thus you can use the overdraft when you don’t have money in your account  and continue to receive returns from mutual funds when there is money in your account. 
    • With the Overdraft account, you only pay interest for the amount borrowed and the duration it is used without paying any loan fees.


    *Retirees of the T.C Retirement Fund, upon opening a TL Time Deposit Account, can take advantage of counter interest rates in effect for deposits of TL, Euro, USD 1.000.000, regardless of their deposit amount.
    ** The loan with quarterly payments is only available for government retirees who receive quarterly pension income.

    *** As of February 5, 2009, the extra bonus rate is 0,8%. Our bank reserves the right to make changes in regards to pricing and rewards according to the market conditions.

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