Kolay Vezne

Now everywhere is a Garanti BBVA counter


Kolay Vezne is the easiest way to pay your  utility bills and top-up counters to your GSM line. A Kolay Vezne is a place of business such as a white appliance, furniture, electronics, GSM, clothing or department store or a supermarket that sports the “Kolay Vezne” logo. At these locations, you can top-up counters with your credit card or easily pay your bills and save on time.

You can view the list of all Kolay Vezne establishments at the kolayvezne.com. Migros, Tansaş and the participating Bosch dealers are just a few of these stores...

  • Features and Benefits
    • To make payments for the growing number of utility companies through Kolay Vezne locations, all you need to know is your subscription number for the relevant company.
    • You can use the slip that is printed out from the POS terminal upon payment as the evidence of payment.
    • During the transaction, your information is transmitted to the bank, and the payment information is sent to the company instantly or on the next day.
    • You can top-up Avea or Vodafone virtual counters to your phone line.
    • To top-up counters to your GSM line, all you have to do is to go to the nearest Kolay Vezne along with your credit card and enter your GSM number into the POS terminal. The counters you purchase are loaded to your line by the GSM operator as soon as possible.
    • You can choose any location that you want among a widespread network of Kolay Vezne locations.
    • Most importantly, you can carry out your transactions quickly and safely.

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