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  • Will it be possible to take out a loan with the conditions defined in the previous legislation, even after the Mortgage Law?

    As the loans provided towards the purchase of a property will be subject to the Housing Finance Law after the law comes into effect ... Find out more

  • Which loan products are under the scope of Mortgage Law?

    As known, currently the loans defined as the housing loans are loans that are provided for the purchase of a property or the refinancing of these types of loans. Find out more

  • Will the mortgage's application/evaluation process be different?

    With the new law, banks must present a Pre-Agreement Information Form ("SÖBF") to the consumers. Find out more

  • Will it be possible to take out a loan for a property that is in the construction phase?

    The law does not impose any restrictions in regards to providing loans for properties that are in the construction phase. Find out more