With Shopping Loan you can buy what you wished for easily.

In your mobile phone, computer and tablet shopping, with Shopping Loan from partner firms, you have the opportunity to have 3 to 6 months installment and in the other product categories from 3 to 60 months. 

Partner E-Commerce Websites


Campaign Details

  • Our customer can select “Alışveriş Kredisi ile Ödeme” which  indicates to the “Payment with Shopping Loan” through hepsiburada.com, N11 ve genpa.com.tr and directed to their loan application in Garanti BBVA Mobil or Garanti BBVA Internet Banking.
  • The amount entered while applying to the loan, has to be the minimum amount of the purchase. The maximum loan amount is 15.000 TL. Loan due is, 3 to 6 months in computer and tablet shopping and 3 to 36 months in the other product categories .
  • When the loan application is accepted, loan documents confirmed through Garanti BBVA Internet/Mobile and loan directly transferred into account.
  • Current loan amount is transferred automatically to the virtual card of customer on account.
  • After the payment confirmation, the loan transferred to the related e-commerce website.
  • When the loan rejected, customer cannot proceed to their transaction via loan. Customers directly transferred to the related e-commerce website and choose another payment method to finalize their shopping.
  • For the customers who do not have the Garanti BBVA Internet/Mobile password or the application;
  • The Garanti BBVA Mobile application can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play Store. If you do not have the password after the application is downloaded, from the application, the password can be received easily with the password of Garanti Credit Card/Bank Card.
  • Additionally, from Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, in the top right hand corner or by calling 444 0 333 you can receive your password.