Have you thought about your retirement? We did for you!

Garanti Pension and Life offers 3 different pension plans for you to have a happy retirement:

Besides the pension plans offered to you, you can also choose a pension plan that you prefer. In every pension plan that you will choose, pension funds that will channel your contribution payments into investments have been established in accordance with your preference of TL or foreign currency investment.
With the assistance of the private pension intermediary, you can determine the contribution amount that you will pay by considering the lump-sum amount or the monthly pension payments that you want to receive in your retirement. You may start your payments with the minimum contribution amount specified in the pension plan.

You can immediately apply for the Private Pension Plans by clicking the “Apply” button.

If you wish you can also apply through the Insurance and Pension menu, Pension Application step on Internet Banking.
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Have you thought about your retirement? We did for you!Have you thought about your retirement? We did for you!

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • What is the Private Pension System?

    The Private Pension System is a special pension system that enables you to safely build up savings and turn these savings into an investment. Find out more

  • Can I change the pension company?

    Yes. If you are not happy with the pension plan you have chosen and the return generated through the pension investment funds, you may change your pension company whenever you wish after your 1 year is up with the pension company which you have entered into an agreement or 1 year after your last change of company. Find out more

  • How does the system work?

    To enroll in the Private Pension System, you may enter into an agreement with any pension company you wish. Find out more

  • What will happen to my status and contribution payments in the existing social security system?

    Enrollment in the Private Pension System will not affect your status in the social security institution that you are affiliated with. Find out more