Mandatory Traffic Insurance

Get your Mandatory Traffic Insurance, and drive your car without worries.

The Mandatory Traffic Insurance, within the scope of the General Terms and Conditions of Casco Insurances, secures the cars that are within the borders of Turkey against risks that may occur while on the road or parked. Any damages that you may have caused to other vehicles or third parties are covered by the Traffic Insurance. You can easily get your insurance from Garanti BBVA and drive on safely.
You can immediately apply for the Mandatory Traffic Insurance by clicking the “Apply” button.

If you wish you can also apply through the Applications menu, Insurance Policies step on Internet Banking.

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* The Mandatory Traffic Insurance is offered by Eureko Sigorta A.Ş.

  • Coverages and Additional Information

    • Valid within the borders of Turkey.
    • Driving vehicles without the Mandatory Traffic Insurance is prohibited
    • As specified in the policy, in the case that the driver, while operating the vehicle, causes the death of another person or injury to another person or damage to something, the legal liability of the driver in accordance with the Road Traffic Law No: 2918, is covered by the mandatory traffic insurance within its limits.
    • Auto insurance charges are annual charges.
  • FAQs

    We found the following questions in our Help & Advice which might be useful for you...

    What are the advantages of Eureko Insurance service stations?

    You can take advantage of many additional services if you prefer Eureko Insurance service stations.

    Find out moreHow are decisions regarding the limits made?

    The decisions are made by experts specialized in sectors and geographical regions.

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