Garanti BBVA supports basketball in all aspects.


The teamwork, discipline and faith inherent in basketball remain among the inevitable characteristics of Garanti’s corporate culture. Within this scope, Garanti BBVA ensures adoption of basketball culture by providing support and sponsoring basketball in a large spectrum from youth setup to national team level.

This is why Garanti BBVA Bank has been undertaking the main sponsorship of 12 Giant Men (National Men’s Basketball Senior Team) since 2001. Within the framework of its main sponsorship for National Men’s Basketball Senior Team, Garanti BBVA also launched 12 Giant Men Basketball Academies project in 2002, with the objective to make basketball popular across Turkey and to build a basketball fan community.

It has also acted as the main sponsor of our Women Basketball, in order to support European  Women’s Basketball Championship which held in Turkey in 2005. Garanti BBVA named the team as ‘Pixies of the Court’ with the communication campaign initiated in 2005.

As of 2013, Garanti BBVA began to sponsor Wheelchair Basketball and it has become the main sponsor of women’s, men’s and youth National Wheelchair Basketball Teams.

With its continuous support more than 17 years, Garanti BBVA will always stand by Turkish Basketball.

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