Garanti BBVA generates and sponsors sustainable projects in the areas that improve individual and social vision, such as sports, culture, arts, environment and education.


With the purpose of adding value to social life in real sense, we have been carrying out studies to ensure that the activities we sponsor can be adopted, internalized and made widespread by the society.

As Garanti BBVAası delivering services with added value to the economy and the society through an efficient, profitable and sustainable growth strategy, we pursue the same approach for the social sharing projects that we sponsor as well. We conduct sustainable social responsibility projects and sponsorships that reflect and foster corporate culture, enhance brand perception, in order to raise the quality of social life. Within this context, we extend long-term sponsorship for education, art, culture, environment and finance and by this means, we aim to improve the vision of both individuals and the society.

Sponsorship and Social Responsibility Application

We would like to thank you in advance for filling the form provided so that Garanti BBVA can evaluate your application regarding sponsorship and your social responsibility project efficiently and clearly. Please click here to access our form.

Our Criteria for Sponsorship

Projects that we consider eligible for evaluation; 

  • In line with brand identity and strategy of Garanti BBVA,
  • Able to offer a variety of opportunities to the customer portfolio,
  • Featuring a potential aspect that may create a difference.

Projects that we deem not eligible for evaluation; 

  • Any organization in relation to politics and political parties,
  • Religious organizations,
  • Events encouraging harmful habits such as drugs, gambling etc.,
  • Illegal sports and all types of illicit activities,
  • Lobbying events/organizations,
  • Discriminatory Projects. Projects of any nature  that promote any discrimination within the society (religion, language, race, age, gender, etc.). 
  • Personal sponsorships
  • Projects involving other financial institutions
  • Motor sports (rallies, motorcycle racing, speedboat and boat racing, etc.)
  • Events that are organized by schools and university clubs, such as graduation, club, school parties etc.
  • Applications with a start date which is sooner than three months, for an effective and efficient evaluation we kindly request you to take into consideration the following items before filling your application online.
  • The applications sent via mail or fax will not be processed.
  • Once you finish filling the form, a confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address that you indicate in the form, to inform you that your submission has been automatically saved in the system. 
  • Our evaluation process will take 2 weeks starting from the date you receive the confirmation message.
  • At the end of evaluation process, our positive or negative feedback about your application will be sent to the e-mail address that you indicate in the form.

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