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A bank that sets an example with its responsibilities and its successes.A bank that sets an example with its responsibilities and its successes.

Economic Indicators

 Realizations2014 ForecastLatest 2 Realizations
Growth20122013Garanti BBVAGovernmentQ4 ’13Q1 ’14
GDP (TL Billion, Nominal Prices)1.4171.5621.7191.719405407
GDP (US$ Billion)786820788867199184
GDP Per Capita (US$) 10.45910.78210.19111.277--
GDP Yearly Growth Rate2,1%4,0%2,7%4,0%4,4%4,3%
Industrial Production 20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment05.201406.2014
Industrial Production (YoY)2,5%3,4%--3,5%%1,4
Capacity Utilization Rate 74,2%74,6%--75,3%74,9%
Inflation20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment06.201407.2014
CPI (YoY)6,2%7,4%7,5%5,3%9,2%9,3%
PPI (YoY)6,1%4,5%--9,8%9,5%
Interest Rates20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment06.201407.2014
Benchmark bond (End of period)6,2%10,0%10,5%-8,3%8,4%
Fixed Int. Rate Dom. Borrowing Average Cost8,5%7,9%--8,7%8,6%
Dom. Borrowing Cash Maturity (Month)21,770,0--60,659,5
O/N (End of period)5,5%4,5%9,5%-8,8%8,3%
Eurobond (2030, Yield)4,0%6,8%--5,1%5,0%
Foreign Currency20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment06.2014


Basket (0.5*US$+0.5*Euro, End of Period)2,06722,53542,47-2,51032,4945
EURO/US$ (End of Period)1,321,381,30-1,371,34
US$/TL (Average)1,72781,91562,181,982,11722,1177
US$/TL (End of Period)1,78262,13432,15-2,12262,1330
Euro/TL (End of Period)2,35172,93652,79-2,89792,8560
Balance of Payments (US$ million)20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment04.201405.2014
Exports (f.o.b.)152.462151.807165.911166.50013.41513.750
Imports (c.i.f.)236.545251.650253.266262.000-20.661-20.859
Current Account Balance (12-month)-48.497-64.490-46.60055.500-56.813-52.636
Current Account Balance/GDP -6,2%-7,9%-5,9%-6,4%--
Tourism Revenue (12-month)21.25123.180-31.0001.8002.734
Foreign Direct Investment (Net, 12-month)9.1509.758--670-13
Capital Account Balance (12-month)47.43861.589--5.7092.486
Debt Stock20122013Garanti BBVAGovernmentQ4’13Q1’14
EU Defined Debt Stock/GDP36,2%36,3%35,5%33,0%36,3%35,9%
Total External Debt Stock/GDP43,0%47,3%--47,3%48,0%
Reserves (US$ million)20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment06.201407.2014
Total Foreign Reserves120.290132.874--132.552133.226
Central Bank Reserves100.320112.002--111.901111.738
CB Net FX Position43.85639.184--34.37138.950
Monetary Aggregates (US$ billion)20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment06.201407.2014
Central Government Budget (TL billion)20122013Garanti BBVAGovernment05.201406.2014
Interest Payments48,450,0-52,07,11,6
Budget Balance-28,8-18,4--33,21,5-0,6
Primary Balance19,631,5-18,88,61,0
Central Government Debt Stock 20122013Garanti BBVAGovernmentQ4 ’13Q1 ’14
C.G. Domestic Debt Stock/GDP31,9%25,8%--25,8%25,3%
C.G. External Debt Stock/GDP10,6%11,7%--11,7%11,7%
Gross Total Public Debt Stock/GDP45,0%40,0%--40,0%39,4%
Net Total Public Debt Stock/GDP28,7%12,7%--



Source: TURKSTAT, CBT, Ministry of Finance, Treasury, State Planning Organization, Reuters, Garanti BBVA


This report has been prepared by T. Garanti BBVA Bankası A.S. is provided for information purposes only. Although the information on which the report is based has been obtained from sources which we believe to be reliable, no representation or warranty is made by T. Garanti BBVA Bankası A.S. for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Information contained herein is subject to change without notice. T. Garanti BBVA Bankası A.S. and/or any person connected with it accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss of any kind arising out of the use of this document or any part of its contents.

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