Corporate Profile

    Profitable and sustainable growth strategy since inceptionProfitable and sustainable growth strategy since inception

    Garanti's Competitive Advantages

    Dynamic human resources capable of making a difference

    • HR policies targeted at employee satisfaction
    • Awarded talent programs
    • ~14,500 employee suggestion & ideas collected
    • 86% of employees are university graduates.
    • 54 hours/employee training per annum
    • 226,000 hours of trainings are delivered through technological methods

    State-of-the-art technology

    • Business-integrated IT
    • Fully in-house developed, custom-fit IT solutions
    • Uninterrupted transaction capability and infrastructure security
    • Dynamic and advanced technology enabling quick customer service time
    • Reputation as “innovator”
    • Continuous investment in technology since 90s

    Innovative customer-oriented products and services

    • Differentiating with innovative, flexible and custom-tailored solutions
    • Blending customer needs and tendencies with evolving trends
    • Conducting market research and listening to customers
    • Encouraging employees to share their suggestion and innovative ideas

    Best customer relationship management solutions

    • Systems enabling profitability & propensity analysis and product development
    • Sophisticated segmentation systems
    • Multi-channel CRM tools offering effective & timely solutions
    • Operational efficiency, sales effectiveness and digitalization
    • Making a difference in customer experience with smart business processes

    Strong brand and reputation

    • Customer centricity measured periodically via Customer Centricity Index based on quantitative parameters
    • Consistent communication and corporate responsibility projects continuously contribute to brand perception.
    • Emotional connection differentiates Garanti BBVA brand from others.
    • Customers define Garanti BBVA: “Trustworthy, innovative, technologically advanced, fast, understands and meets customer needs, smiling, caring and helpful”

    Exceptional data warehousing and management reporting (MR)

    • Centralized MR, enabling management to take timely actions
    • Proactive business support in the decision-making process
    • One of the best practices in Turkish market in terms of data consistency, reliability and report generation efficiency
    • Reports generating significant inputs for Asset Liability Management process

    Centralized operations

    • First bank to set up centralized operations in Turkey
    • 99% centralization ratio
    • Warehousing all data electronically
    • First bank in Turkey to create “paperless banking” operating environment
    • First bank in the world to implement ID scanning facilities in branches
    • Alleviating branches’ operational workloads through effective use of technology
    • Best in class operational efficiencies and superior employee productivity

    Single Point of Contact for All Financial Needs

    • International banking operations in the Netherlands, Russia and Romania since 1990s
    • Leader in bancassurance
    • 18% of all pension participants in Turkey choose Garanti BBVA.
    • With TL 9.8 billion business volume maintains its leading position in factoring
    • Leader in number of leasing contracts
    • Turkey’s first asset management company
    • Strong presence in capital markets with ~7.5% brokerage market share

    Extensive branch network

    • 100% Geographical Coverage
    • Presence in 81 cities
    • Tripled branch network since 2002
    • #1 in branch openings since 2002 (>670 new additions)
    • Highest per branch efficiency by loans, customer deposits and ordinary banking income

    Omni-channel convenience with seamless experience across all channels

    • 81% of all financial transactions occur via digital channels.
    • Leading position in internet & mobile banking
    • First bank to provide applications in all major operating platforms
    • 4,003 ATMs facilitating >180 transactions
    • Leading financial call center with more than 65 million customer contacts per year
    • Offering personalized financial management services

    IR Calendar

    • 03 February 15Garanti BBVA 2014 Financial Results
    • 19-22 January 15Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s 14th Annual Turkish Equity 1-1 Conference – London & New York
    • 27 October 14Garanti BBVA 9M14 Financial Results

    Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

    • Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

      The members of the Garanti BBVA Board of Directors are Süleyman Sözen, Ergun Özen, M. Cüneyt Sezgin Ph.D., Sema Yurdum, Jaime Saenz De Tejada Pulido, Javier Bernal Dionis, Maria Isabel Goiri Lartitegui, Ali Fuat Erbil, Jorge Sáenz-Azcúnaga Carranza, Iñigo Echebarria Garate Find out more

    • What is the ownership structure of Garanti BBVA? Find out more

    • Exchanges that Garanti BBVA’s shares traded and the percentage of publicly traded shares.

      Garanti's shares are traded on the İstanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) under the ticker symbol "GARAN". The shares are also quoted on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. Find out more

    • What are the main subsidiaries of the Bank?

      Garantibank International N.V, Garanti BBVA S.A., Garantibank Moscow, Garanti Securities, Garanti Asset Management, Garanti Leasing, Garanti Factoring, Garanti Pension and Life, Garantİ Payment Systems, Garanti Mortgage, Garanti Technology Find out more