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3Q 2014


Total amount of notes issued in the third quarter of 2014 under the Global Medium Term Notes (GMTN) Program, where several issuances in different currencies and maturities were realized, reached to an amount of nearly US$ 250 million equivalent, including the first ever issuance from a Turkish Bank in YEN, YEN 500 million private placement issue with a coupon rate of 1.05% and maturity of 1 year.

Issued EUR 500 million Eurobond with a maturity of 5 years, yield of 3.5% and coupon rate of 3.375%. The tight pricing resulted in an order book dominated by dedicated Euro investors rather than Garanti’s existing Emerging Markets investor base.

Continued to finance large-scale telecommunication, infrastructure and energy projects:

  • Participated as a mandated lead arranger with a share of US$ 100 million in US$ 750 million financing provided to Ojer Telekom for refinancing purposes. 
  • Participated as a mandated lead arranger in the US$ 600 million financing provided to Otoyol A.Ş., for the construction of Gebze İzmir Highway Phase IIA, which covers the section between Orhangazi and Bursa. Garanti BBVA participated in this transaction with a stake of US$ 75 million, and took the Facility Agent role as well.
  • Provided US$ 40 million long term project finance loan for 35 MW capacity extension of two wind energy power plants.

Garanti Factoring became leader both in asset size with 9.7% market share in the first half of 2014 and in factoring receivables asset size with 10.1% market share according to the Financial Institutions Union data. It also became leader in transaction volume which was realized at TL 3.63 billion, with 15% market share.

Garanti Asset Management increased its volume in pension funds to TL 5.4 billion with a market share of 16.2% and its total volume of mutual funds is TL 3.9 billion with a market share of 11.5% in the 3Q 2014.

Garanti Pension became leader with 852 thousand participants and 18% market share in the third quarter.

Garanti BBVA turns commitments into actions in the matters of sustainability regarding the responsibilities towards society

  • Garanti BBVA is recognized as the first bank to receive a Green Office Diploma from WWF Turkey by successfully completing the WWF Green Office Programme launched at its Head Office building. Programme aims to reduce the ecological footprint by taking measures related to energy efficiency and depletion of resources in office buildings as well as increasing employee awareness on these issues and implementing recycling systems.
  • Increased the number of its service points to 605, which covers nearly %70 of the Garanti BBVA employees, with the aim of managing environmental impact of all operations, within the scope of ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System.
  • Garanti BBVA demonstrated its support to prevent climate change by announcing new commitments in 6 areas throughout its value chain during the United Nations Climate Week organized by United Nations in New York. For more information on Garanti’s commitments, please refer to

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    The members of the Garanti BBVA Board of Directors are Süleyman Sözen, Ergun Özen, M. Cüneyt Sezgin Ph.D., Sema Yurdum, Jaime Saenz De Tejada Pulido, Javier Bernal Dionis, Maria Isabel Goiri Lartitegui, Ali Fuat Erbil, Jorge Sáenz-Azcúnaga Carranza, Iñigo Echebarria Garate Find out more

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