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        The leading bank in housing loans!

        Buying a house is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. Evaluating the financing options that suit you, deciding to take out a housing loan, and choosing the housing loan product and repayment plan that best suit your needs are all as important as finding the right house.

        Throughout this decision process, you need to review different options in order to determine the most suitable mortgage product and house for your budget.

        Don't worry! With its certified mortgage experts specially trained in this field, Garanti BBVA is by your side throughout this whole process in order to present the best mortgage product to you.

        • Why Are We an Expert in This Field?

          • Specially-trained certified mortgage experts
          • The first and only mortgage call center in Turkey, 444 3846 Through the online mortgage expert, you can get instant answers to your questions and make your mortgage application immediately. Your mortgage expert is available to assist you between 08.30 and 17.30 on weekdays.
          • You can reach all kinds of information about mortgage at
          • The widest range of products
          • The easiest loan application and utilization
          • Affordable interest rates
          • Terms up to 20 years
          • Tailor-made repayment schemes
          • Reliable and accurate appraisal for your property
          • Turkey’s leading housing projects
          • Turkey’s leading real estate agencies
        • Additional Services

          Tired of paying rent and want a home of your own? With Mortgage Expert Garanti BBVA, you can now have a home of your own. What's more, you can select the home of your dreams from over 200 housing projects which Garanti BBVA has special agreements with, and you may thus benefit from special advantages and lower interest rates.

          Please click to see the housing projects that Garanti BBVA has special agreements with.