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        Current Gold Account

        Have a gold account.

        A current Gold Account is the way to go for those who want to safely buy and save gold!

        • With the Current Gold Account, you can easily buy and sell gold through your TL or USD current accounts and enjoy saving gold safely without the risk of theft.
        • You can access your Current Gold Account 24 hours a day via Garanti BBVA Mobile / Internet Banking, Garanti BBVA ATMs, 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, and Garanti BBVA branches.
        • You can open a Current Gold Account via Garanti BBVA Mobile / Internet Banking.

        If you don’t have an account at Garanti BBVA yet, you can become our customer via Garanti BBVA Mobile, without going to the branch, and then open your account instantly.

        • Features

          • You can buy-sell grams of gold with either TL or USD.
          • While buying and selling gold through your TL or USD current account, the minimum transaction limit is 1 (net) gram and the maximum limit is 3,000 (net) grams.
          • You can transfer grams of gold from your Current Gold Account to all other gold accounts (Current or Cumulative Gold Account).
          • The Current Gold Account does not accrue interest.
          • Your current gold account savings are under the protection of the state up to a limit equivalent to TL 650,000.
          • If you want to receive physical gold, it is delivered to you as 995 gr bullions and its multiples.
        • Advantages

          • You do not encounter problems such as under-weight, low-carat, or old-dated gold.
          • You do not have to pay labor costs.
          • You can safely save gold in your account without the risk of theft.
          • No account management fee is charged for your Current Gold Account.