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        12 Giant Men

        Garanti BBVA supports 12 Giant Men since 2001

        The story of 12 Giant Men has begun when Garanti BBVA became the sponsor of national basketball team, just before 32nd European Basketball Championship which was held in Turkey in 2001.

        By assuming the official sponsorship of the team, Garanti BBVA aspired to ensure that the people familiarize more with basketball as a sport, stay informed about European Basketball Championship and that our National Team receives the support it deserves.

        In this respect, 12 Giant Men brand name was created and presented to the Turkish basketball. 12 Giant Men song which was composed for 2001 European Championship became the anthem of national team. Since 2001, the name 12 Giant Men identified with our National team and the team started to be called as 12 Giant Men.

        Our National Senior Team won the Silver Medal at World Championship which was held in Turkey in 2010.

        Then after 7 years, our country hosted again a major basketball organization, European Basketball Championship, in 2017. Garanti BBVA produced a commercial film with the rap singer Ceza, in order to attract support for our national team participating to the tournament with a brand new generation and to advertise the tournament in our country. The new 12 Giant Men song released by this advertisement which had left its mark on the tournament. In addition to the main sponsorship of national team, Garanti BBVA maintained its support to basketball being the event sponsor of 2017 European Basketball Championship.