T-Bills / Government Bonds

Secure your investment with Government guarantee.

T-Bills and Government Bonds are domestic debt obligations available as TL or FX indexed government debt instruments, issued by the T.C. Treasury. While T-Bills have maturities of less than 1 year, government bonds have maturities of 1 year or more. If you hold these instruments until maturity, payment of the principal and interest is guaranteed. If you want to make medium and long-term investments and and obtain safe returns through your investments, you can invest in t-bills or government bonds. To carry out t-bill and government bond transactions, all you need is a Current Account.

You can perform your trading transactions through the Investment Transactions menu, Bills/Bonds step on Internet Banking.

If you don't have an account at Garanti BBVA yet, all you need to open one is to visit the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

  • Features

    • They are medium and long-term domestic debt obligations issued by the government.
    • They are guaranteed by the government.
    • They generate constant returns and they are liquid.
    • Trading hours are 0930-16:00.
    • T-Bills are sold at a discount and their return is known in advance.
    • Government bonds may have coupons or be sold at a discount. Those with coupons are issued with fixed or variable coupon interest rate.
    • A secondary market exists for them.
    • T-bills which are investment instruments that may be cashed in anytime can be sold on secondary markets before their maturity dates via Internet Banking, Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center and our branches.

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