The guaranteed way to boost your foreign currency.

Eurobonds are long-term bonds with coupon payments, issued and sold abroad in a foreign currency, by institutions, companies or governments. They generate high returns when foreign currency and TL deposit interest rates are falling. If you want to make long-term investments in  foreign currencies, Eurobond is suitable for you.
You can perform Eurobond transactions through the Investment Transactions menu, Eurobond step on Internet Banking.

  • Features
    • On the secondary market, the standard value date is "transaction date + 3 working days.
    • Although Eurobonds are generally issued on a long-term basis, you can cash them in before their maturity dates, in which case the market conditions in effect at the time they are cashed in apply.
    • In a market where interest rates are falling, they have the potential to generate higher returns than expected, however the opposite is also possible.
    • They are bearer instruments however physical delivery is not possible.
    • There is no stoppage on Eurobond coupon payments. However, the recipient is required to report the secured gains.
    • To perform Eurobond transactions, all you need is a Current Account.
    • The minimum Eurobond buying limit is USD 10.000, while the minimum selling limit is USD 5.000.
    • For transactions performed via Internet Banking, the minimum limit is USD 5.000 and the maximum limit is USD 250.000.

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