The Assistance Service Package is by your side in every moment of your life.

Our customers who have house, casco and individual accident package insurances can take advantage of a great assistance service package.

1. House Assistance Services

  • Information Line
  • Water Installation Service
  • Electric Installation Service
  • Locksmith Service
  • Glass Breakage Service
  • Payment of the bills of the insured
  • Transmission of urgent messages
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Protection and monitoring of the property
  • Unanticipated return to residence

2. Medical Services

  • Medical Information and Consultation
  • Transfer due to medical reasons
  • Emergency Medicine + Medical Supplies
  • Emergency Doctor + Medical Intervention
  • Sending expert medical crew or equipment to residence
  • Assistance in case of hospitalization
  • Transfer of the deceased in compliance with medical requirements
  • Sending a teacher to residence
  • Assistance for underage children in case of sudden illness or accident

3. Road Assistance Services

  • Towing & Rescue
  • Sending a mechanic
  • Providing replacement parts
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Professional Driver service
  • Providing a vehicle
  • Urgent messages
  • Transfer of the deceased

4. Reservation Services

  • Reservations for touristic, cultural and social activities / Ticket purchases / Transportation
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car rental reservations
  • Airline ticket purchases and transportation
  • Business organizations
  • Pre-Travel Service
  • Vehicle Information Line

5. Theft Services

  • Car towing
  • Locksmith service
  • Stolen Identity Card, Driver’s License or Passport
  • Stolen Credit Card
  • Cash Advance for medical expenses
  • Emergency Cash Advance
  • Administrative Assistance

6. Radio/Tape or Glass Breakage Services

  • Contracted Services
  • Contracted Health Institutions

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With insurance services by your side, life is easier...With insurance services by your side, life is easier...