Transaction Signing


With the Transaction Signing, you can have additional security on your money transfers.

With the Transaction Signing, you can check and verify the money transfer transactions that you perform through Garanti BBVA Internet Banking.

The Transaction Signing provides additional security on transactions that you perform via internet.

  • The Transaction Signing ensures that your transaction content is transferred correctly despite any technical difficulties or harmful software that may cause problems on your computer.
  • It is not mandatory for our customers who use Şifrematik. It can be optionally defined to be valid for transactions that involve an amount higher than the amount you have specified.
  • To take advantage of this feature of your Şifrematik, all you have to do is to select the Transaction Signing option through the Settings menu, "Şifrematik Transactions" step on Internet Banking. After defining the amount limit in this step, you can sign your transactions with your Şifrematik before confirming your money transfers that involve this amount or higher.
  • The Transaction Signing is not valid for registered money transfers such as Quick Money Transfers/EFTs and Other Bank Credit Card payments.
  • All Şifrematiks are capable of performing the Transaction Signing procedure.
  • To be able to use this feature, the version needs to be updated.

To sign a transaction on Internet Banking with Şifrematik;

  • Run your Şifrematik by entering its PIN, and press 2 after you the text APPLI_ appears on the screen.
  • By following the directions on the Internet Banking screen that you are performing your transaction, enter the requested information in the relevant fields in the Şifrematik device.
  • You can confirm your transaction by entering the single-use 6-digit signature that appears on your Şifrematik’s screen in the “Şifrematik Signature” field on the Internet Banking screen that you are performing your transaction.



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