Garanti BBVASecurity Shield


With the Garanti BBVA Security Shield, you are even more secure now.

The Garanti BBVA Security Shield is a program that prevents “keylogger” and similar software that may be installed on your computer outside your knowledge from retaining the PIN/password that you use when logging on to Garanti BBVA Internet Banking. The Garanti BBVA Security Shield can only be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer that runs on the Windows operating system. In addition to installing the Garanti BBVA Security Shield, you have to make sure that the computer you are using has sufficient security precautions (up-to-date firewall, virus scanning software etc).

For your questions in regards to installing the Garanti BBVA Security Shield, you can call 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center and get detailed information from the Internet Banking Support Line.

Garanti BBVA Security Shield Version 3

The Internet Banking security previously provided by the Garanti BBVA Security Shield has now been further enhanced with the release of the new version. The new shield provides more security against the most up-to-date “keylogger” software enabling you to safely login to Internet Banking. You must update the Garanti BBVA Security Shield that you have previously installed with the new version. 

How will I install the new Security Shield?

1. When the Garanti BBVA Security Shield is being installed on your computer, the following screen will be displayed:

Install Security Shield

2. You will have to confirm the installation and the running of the program on your computer by clicking the “Yes” button that comes up on the screen.

3. If you tick the box that appears in the third section on the screen above, the latest versions of the Garanti BBVA Security Shield will be automatically installed on your computer.

4. If you cannot view the PIN field on Garanti BBVA Internet Banking and cannot use the Garanti BBVA Security Shield, you need to change your Security Settings:

By setting your security settings to “Medium” through the Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security step.

Internet Options Security Tab

To view how the Security Settings are changed, click here.

For further information regarding the Security Settings, click here.

5. Upon adusting your security settings, the Garanti BBVA Security Shield will automatically start installing the next time you log on to Internet Banking.

I want to install the Garanti BBVA Security Shield.

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