Garanti Virtual POS


With Garanti Virtual POS you can establish trust on your sales via the internet.

Garanti Virtual POS is a secure payment solution that enables merchants to process credit card payments for purchases made via the internet.

By opening a branch for your store on the internet and using Garanti Virtual POS, you can turn your store into a 24-hour sales platform. Thus, while increasing the number of your customers, you can also increase your turnover.

With Garanti Virtual POS:

  • You can make sales to cards that have the Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club logo.
  • You can offer layaway shopping opportunities for Bonus, Flexi, Shop&Miles, Money and American Express Card holders.
  • You can easily and safely perform your transactions.
  • With the effective, fast and detailed reporting interface, you can easily keep track of your sales.
  • You can submit your questions and requests by calling 444 0 339 any day 24/7.

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We offer the most effective payment system solutions to virtual merchants. We offer the most effective payment system solutions to virtual merchants.

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • How does the limit of my supplementary card determined? Can I lower its limit?

    The supplementary cards and main card have joint limits. The limit of the supplementary card is determined by the main card holder at the time of application. Find out more

  • Which transactions can I perform with the Garanti Virtual POS?

    Pre-authorization, final authorization, outright sales, layaway sales, consumer loan sales/query... Find out more

  • Which rules reduce fraud?

    Each merchant has different products and customer base. In line with this, it would be very hard to name rules that reduce fraud. Find out more

  • How can I apply for the Garanti Virtual POS? How is the application processed?

    If you are a corporate customer, you have to become a merchant partner. Find out more