Futures Transactions


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Do not get affected by the fluctuations in the foreign currency markets.

To prevent your company's operating profit from getting affected by the fluctuations in the foreign currency markets, you can take advantage of derivative products.


With Forward transactions, you can securely buy and sell foreign currency in futures markets.

A Forward contract is a foreign trade contract enabling the sale or purchase of a given foreign currency on a future date at a predetermined exchange rate and parity. For companies that engage in exports or imports, forward contracts prevent or minimize the financial loss that may occur due to the fluctuations or speculations in the foreign exchange rates. With forward contracts, you can secure your receivables and debts in the volatile and risky market environment and have protection against foreign exchange risk.


Swap is an exchange contract in which two counter-parties exchange interest rate or foreign currency. With the interest rate swap, both parties exchange the interest outside the principal to obtain loans with lower interest rates.

In the currency swap, two counter-parties exchange a given amount of foreign currency at predetermined exchange rates and conditions.


In put-call options, the options contract gives the buyer the right to buy-sell the underlying asset on a predetermined date at a predetermined exercise price. If you wish you can exercise this right.

In Foreign Exchange options, the options contract, in exchange for the premium paid, gives the buyer the right to exchange a given foreign currency at a pre-agreed exchange rate on a predetermined date. Depending on the market conditions, you can choose not to exercise this right. The options premium is calculated by taking into account the maturity, price (spot and exercise), volatility and market interest rates. After you buy the options contract, your loss is limited to the premium you have paid for it.

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