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Garanti BBVA Corporate Finance department offers consulting services in the following areas: Growth, solution of financial difficulties, technology transfers, expanding to new markets, mergers due to sectoral developments and similar causes, equity trading.

Sales to Private Funds

Private Funds are private investment companies that invest in the shares of a non-public company with the objective of making a profit by taking the company public through an IPO in 2-3 years. The Corporate Finance department offers consulting services regarding the block sale of company shares to private funds.

Within the scope of this service, non-public companies that have the potential to achieve significant growth in a short period of time (2-3 years) are provided with assistance regarding their financial structures and the block sale of their shares.

Financial Restructuring

If you are a multi-company group or a company planning to sell shares, you can take advantage of our consulting services in financial restructuring.

After a thorough financial analysis of the operations, a financial restructuring plan is prepared together with you by also taking the sectoral developments into account. With this plan, you can take firm steps towards the future.

Privatization Consulting

Consulting services are offered to groups that plan to acquire a state-owned company within the privatization program. A detailed financial analysis of the target company as well as the sector in which it operates is conducted. The fundamental objective of these studies is to help the client make correct and economically sound decisions in regards to the privatized entity they are planning to acquire.

Real Estate Investment Trust

You can take advantage of Garanti's consulting services in regards to setting up real estate investment trusts which are corporations that manage portfolios of real estate properties and/or real estate-backed capital market instruments, invest in real estate property projects, and seek to minimize investment risks through portfolio diversification.

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For all your needs, Garanti BBVA is by your side. For all your needs, Garanti BBVA is by your side.