GarantiCash Management


Cash Management Expert Garanti BBVA, is offering the firsts in Cash Management

Garanti BBVA, with its expertise in collection and payment systems, unrivaled internet, mobile, telephone banking and advanced technological infrastructure, creates solutions exclusive to you.

Innovative Garanti BBVA

  • The first loan-based direct collection system
  • The first web-based supplier financing application: Garanti BBVA Discount
  • The first real-time direct ordering and collections project that transfers the ordering, collection and clearing processes to the electronic environment.
  • The first bank authorized to serve as an intermediary in tax collections and Bağ-Kur health payments.
  • The first bank to offer the opportunity to make bill collections via POS devices and to make cardless transactions for micro payments.
  • The first example of making bill payments and micro payments via POS devices at merchant partners: Kolay Vezne
  • 100% accounting integration is Sxift MT 940 format.

Expert Garanti BBVA

  • The first bank to establish a Cash Management unit among multi-branch banks
  • The solution partner of our country's and the world's most prestigious banks in their cash management transactions
  • Expert customer representatives in cash management solutions at over 700 branches

Leader Garanti BBVA

  • In direct collection systems
  • In collection checks which are the most widely used payment tool in our Country
  • In money transfers between banks
  • In tax and SSK collections between private banks

For Cash Management, choose the Expertise of Garanti BBVAFor Cash Management, choose the Expertise of Garanti BBVA

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