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The first credit-based direct collections system

In 1996, Garanti BBVA, together with Eti Marketing and its dealers, launched the first credit-based direct collections project in Turkey. With the successfully ongoing project, while Eti Marketing is provided with collection guarantee and convenience, Eti dealers, provided with operational convenience, have the opportunity to take advantage of cost-effective loans for their short-term cash needs.

Automatic accounting of account activities

Accounting and reconciliation of account activities for hundreds of different transactions is a difficult and long process. Garanti BBVA, with its 100% accounting integration product, electronically transfers all your account activities to your accounting system with appropriate transaction codes in the Swift MT 940 format.

If you too are tired of dealing performing accounting procedures for hundreds of account activities every day, contact Garanti BBVA to take advantage of new solutions.

Numerous, easily accessible, fast payment channels

The accuracy and speed of collections are important for companies in every sector. The accessibility and availability of the payment channels are essential factors for customer satisfaction. By taking advantage of Internet Banking, over 2.700 Garanti BBVA ATM that you can perform transactions with or without a card, widespread network of branches and “Kolay Vezne” payment points throughout Turkey that offer collection facility under our bank’s guarantee, you can make fast and secure collections. 

The advantages of cash collections

Garanti BBVA, with armored vehicles, makes your cash collections from your customers. Additionally, with our advanced technological infrastructure, your customers can deposit money into your account through Paramatiks (with or without a card) by using their personal codes or through branches. Thus, while your collections become much more secure, the accounting and reconciliation of your collections become easier with the electronic transmission of collection information.

Check and bill collections

For the checks you submit to our branches for collection, you can automate the processes such as endorsement, system entry and electronic transmission of information. Even if the checks that will be collected for your company are directly submitted to our branches, the collections are transferred to your account. With the files Garanti BBVA sends that are compatible with your accounting system, all your accounting transactions are automatically generated. Additionally, you can view the front and back sides of the checks and reach all detailed reports through Internet Banking.

With the quality service Garanti BBVA offers, your checks are accurately entered into the system, thus, the risk of theft and loss is eliminated. Furthermore, you don’t have to endorse your checks one by one.

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