You only focus on growth, and we will take care of your payments

You can benefit from ease of payments, our award winning Internet Banking, Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center and Mobile Banking services, over 700 hundred branches and thousands of SME customer representatives.

You too join the ranks of SMEs that make their payments through Garanti BBVA, and experience the difference of working with Garanti BBVA...

Money Transfers

While safely performing your Money Transfer and EFT transactions on Internet Banking using Şifrematik, you can also speed up your future transactions by saving your recipient information.

With the “Recipient Account Restriction”, you can limit your employees to only make payments to previously defined accounts that were approved by you.

If you are a Logo user, you can perform all your transactions in electronic environment through GoGaranti.

Salary Payments

By making your salary payments through Garanti BBVA, you can provide your employees with the opportunity to take advantage of retail banking products that address their every need.

With Garanti BBVA, you too can switch to the “salary payments via the banking system channel” implementation which the Social Security Institution has been working on!

Bill Payments

With an Overdraft Account that you can define for all your bills, your automatic payments are carried out even if you don’t have money in your account. If a problem occurs in your automatic payment because of our bank, your late payment fee is also paid by us.

What’s more, even if you are not a Garanti BBVA customer, with the first cardless transaction implementation in Turkey, you can deposit your money on ATMs without using an envelope, pay your bills and get your change. 

Payment Orders

With future-dated payment orders that you can easily place through Internet Banking, you don’t have to worry about your company payments when you are on a trip or on holiday, and thus enjoy your vacation.

For your monthly standing payments such as rent and apartment fees, you can place a standing payment order through Garanti BBVA Internet Banking as well. When you wish, you can also cancel your standing payment orders.

Tax, SSK and Bağ-Kur Payments

You can also make your company’s SSK and Bağ-Kur payments through Garanti BBVA. To find out the types of tax, SSK and Bağ-Kur payments that you can make, click here.

Check Payments

With the Garanti BBVA Overdraft Account, you can pay your checks even if you don’t have money in your account, and find a solution for your short term cash needs.
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