Information Services


Garanti BBVA informs you about every aspect of your accounts and makes your business easier.

Electronic Batch Sending of Receipts

You can keep track of the receipts of all transactions you have performed through Garanti BBVA and archive these transactions in a much more convenient way.
If you wish, you can arrange for the electronic batch sending of your transaction receipts, each being in the A4 format. If you follow through your branch, you can have all your receipts sent to your FTP address in PDF format every week.

SWIFT MT 940 Account Statement

For all your accounts at Garanti BBVA, you can receive electronic statements in the Swift MT 940 format. By using these electronic receipts for reporting and reconciliation, you can save on labor and time.

With the widely used information service, the documents you want are sent to the FTP address you have specified or delivered to you by regular mail.
For Swift MT 940 which is a world standard, you can also request customized changes for your company. All you have to do is to inform Garanti BBVA of the information you want to change.

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