Garanti Bank's website garanti.com.tr has been re-launched with a brand new design and the latest innovations in information technology in June 2010. garanti.com.tr stands out with its simple navigability, digested content, exceptional design, and intuitive functionality.

With content that is categorized to suit the needs of the user, garanti.com.tr offers special sections dedicated to specific topics. Those visiting the website can enjoy the convenience of being able to compare products, easily access answers to any questions in the "help & advice" section. While the site's search capabilities have been renewed to offer a filtering feature, garanti.com.tr's video content and the "send to a friend" function on every page has also been designed to create a stimulating interactive environment. With easy-to-use forms, customers can complete their transactions in a fast and practical manner.

Additionally, with the targeting infrastructure, customers who visit the main page see the banner that suits their segment and are greeted in the “Getting Started with Garanti” section. Therefore, the website directly offers its users the chance to filter the contents that are mostly relevant for them.

Thanks to these features that render the website user-friendly, garanti.com.tr hosts a staggering number of nearly 17 million visits each month and has recently reached a record of over 35 million page views with 20% increase compared to last year as well as topping 6 million unique visitors in November 2012. According to comScore, our website still keeps its rank of having the most reach in Turkey in the banking and finance category in Turkey.

Most importantly, garanti.com.tr functions as a flawless and vivid platform for the bank’s overall business transactions. The share of garanti.com.tr in the loans provided to customers within alternative delivery channels was as high as 38% recently in November 2012.

Moreover, in late May 2011, Garanti Internet Banking, placed on garanti.com.tr, has been renovated with its personalized structure and abbreviated menu steps as the first step to Direct Banking, which serves as a model whereby customers perform all of their transaction services without having the need to visit the branches. Garanti Internet Banking, Turkey’s first online banking branch, currently has 2,500,000 active customers with as of November 2012.

Via Garanti Internet Banking, users can enjoy the following new features:
• Salary customers can view and claim offers catering to their specialized needs.
• Loan installment payments can be conducted early before or later after its due dates
• Users can claim fund public offering transactions
• Specialized savings products suitable for every customer
• Money orders and EFT via credit cards
• Customizable features and transactions of Internet Banking are introduced via promotion-based pop-ups.

In addition to the Internet Banking, the Mobile Internet Banking Branch has peaked at 13 million page views in November 2012 with a 173% year-on-year increase, serving as a testimony to the consolidation and unification of transactions performed under the rubric of Garanti Bank’s online channels.    
Customer Number and password to be used for Internet Banking login:

Thomas Soon
Customer number: 17950196
Password : pa2846ra


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