Money Transfer-EFT From Credit Card

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Whether or not you have money in your account, you can use your credit card to make a money transfer or EFT through Internet Banking for sending money to any person you want, or making your payments such as rent, fee etc. Furthermore, the amount you sent by money transfer or EFT is reflected on your card as expenditure. No cash advance interest is charged for the transaction. Only a transaction fee that corresponds to the relevant amount interval displayed in the table below is collected.
By selecting your credit card on the Internet Banking Money Transfers menu, Money Transfer or EFT step, you can instantly send money to the person and account that you want.

Transaction Fees

Amount Interval (TL) Money Transfer Fee (TL) EFT Fee (TL)
0-99,99 3,95 6,23
100-249,99 7,43 9,71
250-499,99 13,07 15,35
500-999,99 23,63 25,91
>1000 %2,81+1 %2,81+2,85
  • Features

    • The transaction will be performed by using the expenditure limit, however the implementation of “suspending the customers’ credit cards for cash advance transactions for customers who have paid less than 50% of the cycle debt for 3 consecutive times within 1 calendar year” will also be in effect for money transfers.
    • Money transfer transactions performed from credit card are subject to the transaction limits valid for each customer on Personal Internet Banking, and only TL money transfers can be performed.
    • Money transfer transactions that have been performed cannot be canceled/refunded. Refund by the counterparty bank is possible only in EFT transactions, and in such case the transaction amount is transferred back to the credit card.
    • The collection of commission will be made from the credit card, however in the case that the credit card limit is not sufficient for the transaction fee, the amount will be collected from the customer’s account.
    • Bonus points cannot be earned through money transfer /EFT transactions performed with credit card. Credit card debts of Garanti BBVA or other bank cards cannot be paid by using credit card, and money transfers cannot be made to the accounts of games of chance companies, accounts opened at the branches in the TRNC, customer’s own accounts or joint accounts.
    • The transactions can only be performed within the same day, and future-dated money transfer/EFT transactions are not possible.
    • Commercial credit cards are not included within the scope of this implementation.

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