Information Systems Assistant Auditor

Information Systems Assistant AuditorCreate your success story at Garanti BBVA.

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If you are interested in auditing, information systems and banking and want to start your career by learning about the basic fundamentals of banking in the best way possible, you can apply to our Information Systems Assistant Auditor program.

Job Description

The Auditing of Information Systems, which has been made mandatory for banks by the BRSA, has become a rapidly growing line of business in the sector. The majority of the banks that operate in our country employ information systems auditing personnel within their organization who carry out the information systems operations.

Besides banks, GSM, automotive and technology companies, financial groups, independent audit and consulting companies also employ many Information Systems Auditors within their organizations.

The Information Systems Audit is not just an opportunity to specialize in one of the fields such as Information Technologies Software, Database Management, Network Management, Security, Operating Systems, but rather an opportunity to have a broad knowledge about all the information technologies fields.  At Garanti BBVA, the operation of the audit mechanism in all areas where technology is involved, is carried out by Information Systems Auditors.

The functioning, defined parameters and security settings of the software, databases, security infrastructures, operating systems, network systems, logical accesses and similar technological elements are audited by the Information Systems Auditors in accordance with international standards.

The auditing areas of Information Systems are shown in the table below:

  • Information Systems Processes
    Application Development
    Problem Management
    IS Capacity/Resource Management
  • Technical Infrastructure
    Operating System
    Computer Networks
    Server Systems
  • Applications
    Banking (Business) Applications
    Support Applications 

How to Apply

To enroll in our the Information Systems Assistant Inspector program, all you have to do is to create a CV on Garanti BBVA Career and apply to our posting.

Required Qualifications

  • Analytical thinking capability,
  • Openness to learning and improvement,
  • Proficiency in communication,
  • Aptitude for team work,
  • Easy adaptation to different conditions,
  • 4-year university graduate from Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electronics Engineering, MIS departments or (regardless of the undergraduate degree) Post-graduate degree from the same departments, or equivalent programs and schools in Turkey and abroad, that are approved by the authorities,
  • High proficiency in English,
  • Under the age of 27,
  • For male applicants, completion of military service, or 1-year deferment,
  • Applicants who care about their future and want to have the right start for their career.

Inspection Committee Directorate

The Inspection Committee Directorate is entitled to independently inspect, track and report whether or not the daily operations of our bank are in compliance with the banking principles and regulations. The mission of the Inspection Committee Directorate is to minimize the operational risks of our bank and its subsidiaries. The Committee conducts its activities through inspections, inquiries and examinations, utilizing a risk-focused audit approach.

The members of the committee, including the Information Systems Auditors reside in İstanbul. 

Recruitment Process


The Information Systems Auditor exam is held in İstanbul and Ankara and consists of 2 parts:

1. General Ability Test
The General Ability Test is a multiple choice test and comprised of the following sections:

  • Quantitative aptitude test
  • Verbal aptitude test

2. Foreign Language Examination
An English test is delivered in the foreign language examination. The score obtained in the foreign language test, along with the score obtained in the oral test that will be conducted afterwards, will determine the level of foreign language compensation offered by our bank.

Interview Process

The applicants who successfully complete the examination process are invited to the interview comprised of at least two phases. As the last phase, the applicants will be invited to an interview, attended by our bank’s upper level manager.

Job Offer and Training

The applicants who are successful in the examination and interview processes are presented with a job offer. As the Information Systems unit operates under the Audit line of business, the auditors must have good understanding of banking operations and processes. The applicants who accept the job offer undergo an Assistant Inspector training program.

Career Paths

Our employees who start working as Information Systems Assistant Auditors become Information Systems Expert Assistant Auditors and Information Systems Auditors, depending on their  performances. With training programs in Turkey and abroad, the Inspection Committee supports the auditors in obtaining CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certificates that bring in international acceptance titles. The auditors who work in the area of Information Systems Audit have the opportunity to continue their careers at GE, Garanti BBVA, Garanti Technology and our other subsidiaries, in various technical positions in domestic and international locations.

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation package consists of basic salary, monthly bonus payments -calculated as one third of basic salary-, variable bonus payments, meals, transportation support, foreign language compensation and other fringe benefits. Salary increases, which are determined by the overall economic conditions and the individual performance, are made twice a year.