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For which expenditures can I use my company card? Where else, besides my company expenditures, can I use my company card?

You can use your Garanti company cards for all your purchases that you make for your company. Travel, accommodation, representation, entertainment, gas, fixed assets, stationary, computers and hardware, airline tickets are the areas in which company cards are mostly used. Your card is acceptable everywhere that sports the VISA and Mastercard logo. You can also use it to withdraw cash.

In the agreements exclusive to Business Cards, free OGS Automatic Payment and Turkcell mobile phone debt payment options are available.

For the OGS Automatic Payment, all you have to do is to submit the company card number/numbers to Ziraat Bank. For Turkcell mobile phone debt payments, you need to define the card number/numbers via Internet Banking.

With your business card, you can perform import transactions for a fee of TL 5, without paying any KKDF and SWIFT fees.

  1. How are the purchases I make abroad reflected on the statement?

    While the original amounts of the purchases made abroad appear on the statements, you can view the TL equivalents on the TL statement.

  2. Are my billing cycles fixed? How many days are there between the statement date and the payment due date, and how are the statements sent? Where can I make the payments?

    The statement date can be defined for many alternative dates within the month, based on the cash flow structure of your company.

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